Traveling Light

I always seem to be the one with the lightest luggage. I'm a minimalist (don't look at my bookshelves to draw that conclusion) when I travel. But I'm not a light traveler. Since my first mission trip just after high school, I've been to eleven different countries. My trips have included mission work, going on pilgrimage, and just plain vacation.

More recently I've had people ask if I'm writing anything down about my trips. Beyond my travel journals and pictures, I've done very little to share some of the fun adventures I've had. GK Chesterton said once, "An adventure is just an inconvenience rightly considered." I firmly believe it too. The funniest and most exciting stories have come from mishaps, or bad planning, or a complete lack of planning along the way.

And so, I've decided to start writing down some of the stories. I'll be the first to admit, some of them may be funnier in my head than they are in print, but I'll do my best to give you a full picture of the situation. I hope you enjoy them, I know I've enjoyed experiencing them.

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