Dealing with Disney

Due to the immense fun I had dealing with Disney, I thought I'd share some of that joy with everyone.  This wasn't the first time I had dealt with Disney lawyers.  When I initially went to get my USCG Captain's license I had to deal with them.  We went back and forth several times on the wording of the letter to the USCG so that Disney was sure I wouldn't come sue them for back wages and the USCG understood exactly what kind of boat I drove and for how many days.  I still had this letter in my file and thought, surely this will make things go faster.  Oh how naive I am at times, or perhaps how dense the Disney lawyers are all the time.  It still took all summer going back and forth with my managers and the paralegal trying to write my letter to get it right.  Fortunately for me the USCG representative on my file was very helpful and worked with me to get all of it figured out.  It took about three months from start to finish, but I finally got my license renewed.  Of course, I still don't have that sailing endorsement yet!

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