Fun in the....Snow?

I grew up in Indiana.  Before my sophomore year of high school my parents and I moved to Florida.  At that point I said good-bye to cold winters and grey skies.  I finished high school and got my undergrad in Florida.  I tried graduate school in Ohio, but remembered why I didn't live that far north and moved back south after the first semester.  All this to say, I really enjoy summer and warm weather.  Unfortunately, the winters, even in the south, have been unusually cold the past couple years.  This winter break I'm back up in North Carolina to work.  On my way to my final destination I've stopped in western Carolina to visit a friend.  Not sure why I decided driving my Florida bought truck down a snowed over driveway was a good idea, but thankfully I did manage to get it back up the hill this afternoon.  

There was plenty of snow on the ground from the past couple days of weather.  Today had lighter winds and a bright sunny day.  My friend and I both got new golf discs for Christmas and wanted to try them out, so we headed to the nearest disc golf course to play a few holes in the frigid 30 degrees.  It was a mix of wanting to throw the new discs and just saying we played in the snow.  

One of the most important lessons today is that you should probably leave your white driver in the car if you are playing in the snow.

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MLS607 said...

Ah, snow. I miss it.