Night of 1,000 Spiders

During the fall of 2010 my cohort class had a caving/climbing trip.  The caving trip was at Pigeon Mountain in north Georgia.  We spent two days there and went through Petty John's cave twice.  After that part of the trip was over we headed to Sandrock, Alabama to go climbing.  One the second evening of the trip I was scheduled to give a lesson on webbing harnesses.  The day went rather long and I ended up giving my lesson after dark.  I apparently also was giving my lesson during a highly active time for every daddy longleg in northern Alabama.  It started with a couple people having to flick one off every so often and ended with people continually flicking off spiders.  Just standing still I had about a spider a second climbing up my pant legs!  The rest of my class was having the same issues.  It felt like being in the middle of a Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock episode.  After my lesson our professor had a lesson to give and the entire time he had spiders crawling over him.

Anyone else ever have this happen to them?

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MLS607 said...

I once stayed at a villa in Umbria and was greeted by scorpions and wasps, but your story definitely tops that. Didn't something like that happen in one of the Harry Potter movies?